Creating Magic with Minecraft Datapacks

October Update 2022


Welcome to the October Update! Here is a run down of major changes within the Gamemode 4 Project:

Branding Refresh & Blog


This blog is now a thing! Some older posts from other community projects will make an appearance here, so that they can be preserved.

The type of content you can expect here will be:

  • Update posts (just like this)
  • Longer features on parts of the project
  • Changelogs, usually tied to a Minecraft Update

Tag Line

Since the founding of Gamemode 4, we have been using the tag line:

No Mods, Just Modules

Since the move away from command blocks towards datapacks the use of the word Modules did not make much sense anymore. We are now going to use:

Creating magic using Datapacks

If you spot anywhere that still seems to use the old tagline, give us a ping on our discord!

A new thumbnail style

A lot of our thumbnails do not show you what the video is about. Thanks to fantastic work by @Dennis-0 and @ToffeeMax, we are now working towards creating a new style. Below is an example for our module, Sweethearts

New Thumbnail Style

Wiki Changes

The front page of the wiki has had a update. Hopefully this is more enticing compared to the previous layout.

As always, we are looking for contributors to help keep things up to date. Ask in #wiki-chat on Discord for more info.

Wiki Page Change


This Blog & LinkTree

This blog and our LinkTree can be viewed on GitHub.

We’d happily accept contributions/fixes. Even better, if it is one of the issues for feature requests that we have created!

Datapack Changes

These have been the headline changes within the datapacks repository on GitHub

Feature Changes

Technical Changes

Other Social Channels

YouTube Short

We have started a new series of YouTube Shorts. focusing on specific shamirs (Gamemode 4’s answer to more expansive enchantments). The first one is on Defuse. You can watch it below.