Creating Magic with Minecraft Datapacks

November 2022 Project Update

November Update

It is nearly December! That means festive times for some of our staff team, and lots of food, loosened belts and well deserved breaks.


Here is a run down of changes to the datapacks/GitHub side of the project.

Note: This is a set of headline changes, things may have been missed

Datapack Changes

The format for this is now as follows:

  • Main People: (Change) [#PR_Number OR !Short Commit Hash]

New Datapack!

Calling Bell

This module allows you to use a village bell to summon a wandering trader. Right click a bell with an emerald, and one day you can call a wandering trader to visit your base! Perfect for completing your collection of saplings, or when playing skyblock with your friends.

“I was playing SkyBlock with Apple Trees installed, and Wandering Traders way took too long to spawn. So I added a way to summon one.” ~ Epyon, Datapack creator

You can view the PR #786 on GitHub.

Feature Changes

  • BPR: Autocrafters can now use full planks instead of stairs within the structure #822
  • Epyon: Forterra update to 1.19 #804
    • Now works for deepslate
    • Now extends to the bottom of the world, and the rates have been modified to reflect the post-caves-n’-cliff
    • Fortune now has an effect on the drop rate!
  • Epyon: Gemini now works with Allays and Frogs. Gemini should now work for Turtles #851
  • BPR/Epyon/Bloo: Forming Press changes #819
    • You can now mix logs to make charcoal blocks
    • Now works with mangrove
    • Added some missing brick recipes

Technical Changes

  • SpecialBuilder32: Poses Pack removed all Tags when applying a preset pose, which caused a bug where placing a new armor stand near one with a poses pack pose. !5e5be6
  • JP12: Disassemblers now uses loot tables and now is created using the new standard set by machine blocks update #811
  • SpecialBuilder32: Release Branch should have commit message !38d46c
  • Bloo: Massive amount of metadata cleanup #801
    • Gamemode 4 Logo updated
    • Datapacks now contain a larger selection of complimentary datapacks in their recommendation field
    • Libaries now provide proper credit to their authors

Public Server

The Last One

Public Server 8 sadly closed on the 19th November. Admins Bloo and SpecialBuilder32 gave a tour of submitted builds:

Stay and see Gamemode 4 alumni, datengassie, die… alot. There are also some fantastic builds!

The Next One

The next server (Public Server 9) has been announced! The release date will be 10th December @ 5pm UTC.

The IP is the same as always:

Joining Early

Patreons and Donors can join 2 hours early! Donate by the end of the month via Patreon or PayPal to join the Public Server at 3pm UTC.

You can find our Patreon here.

If you wish to donate via PayPal, you must reach out on our Discord first. The minimum donation via PayPal is $5

The deadline for both of these is the 1st Dec


Patreon Hats Here

We’re adding hats! Our fabulous team member, Kyrkis, has been making a variety you to use!


Example of a Patreon Hat

You will get access to even MORE hats as thanks for your donation!

Regular players will have access to a Public Set – but you can be extra fancy and dress for more occasions.



The fandom is now… gone! Masses of the information on there was out of date and had been migrated to the new wiki when we moved over four years ago.

An archive will be provided at some point in the future.

Our Wiki

The wiki has seen a little love over the last few weeks!

  • The carousel mentioned in the October update is now properly a carousel!
  • You should be seeing more YouTube videos embedded onto pages – we’ll only be doing this as we have new videos as alot of our back catalogue is quite out of date.


Some awe-inspiring videos have been released featuring our datapacks!

Cozy Campfires

Crossbow Cartridges

Better Armourstands Update


Massive thanks need to be given to:

  • SpecialBuilder32 for the massive work in editing, filming and rendering
  • Denniss & ToffeeMax on thumbnail generation
  • Sparks (They can’t get away that quickly!) for the voice overs
  • Thanathor, Kyrkis and others for set building in videos
  • The rest of the staff team for providing feedback


Thank you for reading!

A big thanks needs to be given to the staff team for proof reading this mess. I am terrible at spelling!